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All Initial Consultations are Free!


Dog walking - 60 minute (solo) £14.00
Dog walking - 30 minute (solo) £8.00
Dog walking (Group Rate) £11.00
Additional Dog per Household £3.00

30-minute daily pop in (up to 2 dogs) £8.00
60-minute daily pop in (up to 2 dogs) £12.00
2 x 60-minute pop in visits £22.00
Additional dogs per household £2.00


30 Minute Visit (up to 2 cats) £8.00
2 x 30 Minute visits per day (up to 2 cats) £12.00
Each Additional cat per household (above 2 cats) £2.00


Please contact us with your individual requirements.

Your tailored visit will last up to a minimum of 30 or 60 minutes during which time your Cat(s) and/or Dog(s) will receive:

  • Lots of attention and playtime
  • Fresh food and water if requested
  • Cleaning of food/water bowls
  • Cleaning of feeding area
  • Lots of fuss and affection
  • Brushing (as requested)
  • Litter tray emptying
  • Waste disposed of responsibly​
  • All dusk/evening dog walks are equipped with a Magna Bright Light
  • Regular message and photo updates

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